Converging Paths

I’ve always been an introvert, especially hesitant to share my belief system, but lately I’ve been opening up to a select few about my path and practice. Yesterday, I gave my first tarot reading to a stranger. He isn’t a complete stranger, but he’s a young man whom I’d only met twice before. To open up to someone with whom I have absolutely zero in common is nearly unprecedented. The difference, I think, is my deepening trust in my own intuition. I sense he’s an old soul who is also slow to warm to strangers. Despite our vast cultural differences, we are alike in many ways.

I have always heard it said that once that intuitive ball starts rolling, it’s hard to stop. I’m finding that to be true. The more I trust myself — the messages, the signs, etc. — the more they flow to me, through me. I left the reading yesterday with a feeling of elation and empowerment that I hadn’t felt in a long time. I didn’t feel drained by our time together the way I often do with some people I meet. Perhaps it’s because I feel so connected to my cards (I use the Wildwood Tarot deck) that I was moved to share their wisdom with Griffin. Or, perhaps, it’s that we are both in the same places on our paths despite being 30 years apart in age. I’ll never really know.

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