What is Ancestor Veneration?

Ancestor veneration is the reverential practice of honoring one’s deceased biological (and non-biological) relatives that acknowledges and commemorates the roles they play in the daily lives of the living. Because I believe that my life has been more directly influenced by the decisions my ancestors made rather than by a monotheistic god or pantheon of gods, I focus the majority of my spiritual energies on those closest to me who have gone before—my foremothers and forefathers. Over time, I have developed my own customs and rituals that express my appreciation for the support they offer me every day. If you are interested in learning more about AV–and the spiritual world in general–check out Plentiful Earth where I am now a guest contributor on the subject of Ancestor Veneration. I will continue to build out this site with specific exercises that AV practitioners at all levels can use to develop their practice, and I am always available for individual consultations at madrabanrion@gmail.com or @madrabanrion.

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