About me.

Every morning after I get out of the shower and put in my contact lenses, I anoint myself with a personal oil blend to remind myself what is important in my life and who I am: Ancestor. Animal. Castle. Crone. I dab a spot on my third eye, over my heart, and on each shoulder. The four points acknowledge not only my reverence for the compass points but also for the seasons and elements, as well.

I revere my ancestors and the generational influence they have had on me. I identify as pagan, therefore I do not worship any gods. However, I communicate with my Kindred and honor them daily with meditation and ritual; they are more present in my life than any god has ever been. From the lives of my ancestors, I draw strength in times of adversity and change, and have learned how to forgive myself and others when necessary.

I am an Animist. I believe that all things are animate, alive, and spiritual. My husband, my relatives & friends, my pets, my home, and my garden are all parts of my immediate family. In keeping with my spiritual philosophy, I garden, compost, and recycle. I am a Vegan. 

I am more than half way through my life, but I recently became a bride for the first time. I sing in the car while I drive, but my hair is almost white. I sneak French fries from my husband’s plate when he isn’t looking, but I save for retirement. I try to face each day with the energy and delight that fueled my 20s and 30s — and pass on my knowledge to those who want to listen.

Ancestor. Animal. Castle. Crone.